In addition to testing application methods and equipment to optimize proper application of our chemicals, we have developed improved and technologically advanced application equipment. We have trademarked this technology with the name E-FRESH™.  To view a short video about 1,4GROUP's E-FRESH™ technology with Curtis Eames, please follow this link:


E-FRESH™ machines provide clean, temperature-controlled, and heated air during chemical treatments to promote a healthy atmosphere for the potato storage environment. Below is specific information about our E-FRESH™ machines.

“Fresh Air” Electric Thermo-Foggers:

  • --No combustion by-product gases are introduced into storage.
  • --CO, CO², NOx, Ethylene, and unburned HC’s created by combustion heating can cause potato environmental stress and fry color changes.
  • --Application temperatures are electronically controlled – excessive temperatures can degrade chemicals and create pollutants.
  • --No Flame heating also reduces fire hazards.


E-FRESH™ machines are available in various sizes and price points:

  • --1.3 KW to 5 KW heaters using single phase 110 to 230 volt power
  • --10 KW to 60 KW heaters using 3 phase 208-240 volt power
  • --Price ranges from $500 to $15000 USD depending on features.
  • --NAFTA approved designs to reduce import duties